Viva el gofre: The life of waffles in a changing world

The social implications of eating waffles have been seriously overlooked in our society. It is a social norm to eat waffles, but how often do people really think about the deeper issues involved in the process? Our society lacks appreciation of the work that goes into choosing the right ingredients, picking out a durable and efficient waffle maker, putting together the right combination of toppings, as well as the very environment in which waffles are eaten. Even more so overlooked is the historical significance of waffle, particularly the origins in Belgium. How often do people think about the rich history of eating waffles? So few realize that the act of eating a waffle, in and of itself, has the power to connect us to people internationally. We are in a pan-waffle time, where eating waffles is no longer a Belgium thing, although there is much to learn from the Belgians. We need to begin the process of understanding what the waffle is, in history, and in current times. As development and globalization contribute to the breaking down of culture and sustainability, we have to ensure the waffle has a safe, healthy, and meaningful future despite everything it is up against. If we enjoy eating waffles, we have a social responsibility to make sure future generations can also enjoy the waffle and understand where it comes from. We do not live in a vacuum and waffles don't either!! Long live the waffle! Viva el gofre!

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