Good question!

Spotted in the Dearborn Meijer circa 12:30 AM:

Also at Meijer, while scoping out the waffle iron collection (naturally), we* were disgusted to find "Babycakes," a pink cupcake maker that claims it can produce 8 cupcakes in a matter of minutes. What? WHY?! Humans, we** can do better.

* I keep saying "we" in these posts and feel I should specify that, most of the time, it means Laura + me.
** Except this time. This time I mean all of us.


  1. I asked the internet to tell me what birds were and this is what I got:
    "Birds are birds, they're their own separate thing."
    Thank you internet!

  2. They are also DINOSAURS, as my other friend named Laura once told me.

    You can even ask the internet, it's true!

  3. "It is easy to understand why so many of us are fond of birds. They are lively; they are lovely; and they are everywhere." -David Attenborough